Marketing Milk is Selling Disease

Dr John McDougall talks about the myth of milk in this 43 minute video (if you can’t find 43 minutes, play and listen to it rather than watch). He takes the viewer on journey through how the marketing of this deadly product (it is pus, ie white blood cells that make milk white) is aimed at children, through the various viruses in the milk from leukemia, Bovine Aids Virus and salmonella. He talks about the health consequences from lack of iron, fibre, anti-oxidants, and full of saturate fat and calories, including cancer, diabetes, kidney damage, obesity and heart disease. And a lot of childhood diseases and maladies can be related to a high dairy intake.

There are so many tasty plant milks – almond, cashew, coconut, hazelnut, hemp, oat, pea, peanut, quinoa, rice, sesame seed, soy, sunflower seed, or a mix of these. There is no need to consume dairy products and their various associated diseases.

Shop around for a dairy milk alternative you like, if you try one and don’t like it, try others, you will find one that satisfies your tastebuds.

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