Digital Vegan

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” ~ George Bernard Shaw (play-writer and vegetarian)

It’s also about creating the world…

Every day is another chance to create a world we would like to live in. We can either complain about it, or accept the challenge, find something positive and change ourselves and how we see the world.

There is a war being waged against all living things on this planet. Plants, environment, animals, people. And no one seems to be doing anything. There is too much apathy in the water supply. We are rushing headlong into a disaster of unprecedented proportions, not since the dinosaurs were extinct and nothing changes.

However, I don’t believe that life is hopeless. Every day I meet passionate, brilliant, inspiring vegans and animal advocates. People who inspire me to get up every day and reach out to connect with the world, and hopefully be the inspiration to open someone else’s eyes to the reality of animal abuse.

For vegans, blogging is an amazing chance to interact with vegans and animal advocates from around the around, that would never get a chance to meet in our ordinary lives. There are so few vegans in the world that connecting with others who believe in similar things to you, who have shared experiences and understand, is like coming home.

That wry smile when you see someone comment “someone found out I was vegan, and the first question they asked was: where do you get your protein?” and you think been there, done that, bought the t-shirt, something only other vegans would relate to.

I love the digital age, I love social networking, and am always willing to share what I know (or learned the hard way). Social media has made it too easy to hit “share” that sometimes we forget to share our own knowledge, insight, opinions and experiences. Every voice is important, even those who stay silent.

If someone else has an opinion which challenges mine, bring it on. If we only ever associate with people who think exactly like we do, then we will never learn. It is by learning that we grow.

And if someone has an experience they would like to share, I am more than willing to listen to others tell their stories. Who knows, I might learn something that I’ve never known before.

Not that I have anything against sharing, we need to get the message out, I just think each of us can bring a different perspective. So if I write something that inspires, feel free to share, and if I find something that inspires me, I will with much pleasure acknowledge it and give the author credit.

Is it better to write for yourself and lose your audience, or to write for an audience and lose yourself?

Unlike some blogs which seem to have two moves copy And paste (does adding “simulpost” really kid anyone that you scraped or lifted the whole thing from someone else?). We will endeavour to write, create graphics, and video ourselves, where possible… Maybe not, but we will try to have some original content.

To know more about Red Glitter or VALA – Just mere simple warriors in the war against animal abuse and cruelty.

Feedback welcome.

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